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***August 5, 2015: UPDATE: Life sure did get the “best” of me for a while.  I finally have a place to work on the zine and many things have changed for the better.  I’m going to be resurrecting this magazine in the next month or so.  Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions I currently have to work with, I am going to hold off on accepting anything new right now until I get these sorted out.  I’ll have more soon.

~Best, Janice R., editor. ***

Vol. 2.  Issue 2


CLOSED.  The Secrets issue is currently being prepared for release 2013.  I apologize – due to workload over the summer I did fall behind.  I’m currently working on getting the Secrets issue together.

***NOTE: January 7, 2014: Happy New Year!! After a  longer than expected hiatus to facilitate workload, computer issues and a move, I’m back and hope to have the Secrets issue out soon.  Sorry for the delay.  I’m excited to get back to the magazine.   I’ll keep you posted! ~ Janice R., editor. ***

UPDATE: Still working lots at my regular 9-5 due to pending trial (law office) this coming week, last week my computer screen went black, and I’m in the process of moving.  I’m not sure what kind of repairs my computer will require of if I need a new computer.  As soon as I get my move completed and look into repairing/replacing my computer, I can get back to Scarlet.  I’m a little overwhelmed with everything at once &  apoligize for any inconvenience. 

FOR THE BIRDS: Nature and her Familiars

Deadline to submit: Sept. 25, 2013

We will accept submissions for any issue/theme listed above, unless marked ‘closed’.  Please review our submission guidelines prior to sending us your work.

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